Andalusian is too hot? Friesian is too hairy? Tinker is too slow and clumsy? Haflinger is too small? Icelandic horse as well?

You want to have a sturdy sports horse or a friend to enjoy the nature with?


The answer is: Finnhorse – The national pride of Finland!

Finnhorse (or Finnish horse) is a coldblood breed from Finland. It is said to be the fastest coldblood in the world, but the most versatile it without question is. There are four breeding lines of the Finnhorse: the old working horse type, the trotter, the riding horse and the pony sized Finnhorse. Usually the horse sized Finnhorses are something for everyone – wither height classically between 150-160 cm and a sturdy body make it a perfect riding horse for young riders and adults alike.

The studbook of Finnhorse was established in 1907. The breed had a huge impact to the outcome of the Finnish wars – it is said that the independence of the country was achieved because of the tough body and obedient nature of the horses. Nowadays there are about 20 000 Finnhorses in the country, which equals a third of the whole horse population of Finland. As the horses were used as versatile working horses for so long, the good nature, tough body and good trainability have been the qualities that have had the biggest impact to the breeding programme for decades and this shows even today. These sure-footed horses are very popular as hobby but also competition riding horses in Finland and do all Olympic sports with very good results. They are also used for trek rides and in riding schools.

The typical Finnhorse of the riding horse type is a sturdy, but handsome creature. They are often very sensitive, attentive horses, who are easy to train. They have three good quality gaits and can jump up to one meter, sometimes even clearly higher courses. The Finnhorse Riding Championships are held on L-level, but the best trained horses also compete on higher levels. In dressage up to M and even small S-level.

The typical colour of the Finnhorse is chestnut, but other colours do exist. The mane and leg hairs of the Finnhorses are usually not trimmed so the appearance of the horse is very natural.

If you are looking for a versatile riding horse or a horse also for driving, you might want to get to know the Finnhorse. We bet you won’t be disappointed.

If you are interested in a Finnhorse, we can also find you the Finnhorse of your dreams on a commission. Please send us an e-mail or phone and tell us what you are looking for!


A young Finnhorse stallion

A young Finnhorse stallion

A very typey Finnhorse gelding

A very typey Finnhorse gelding