Price classes (inc. VAT): I 2000 – 6000 EUR, II 6000 – 10 000 EUR, III 10 000 – 15 000, IV 15 000-20 000 EUR, V above 20 000 EUR

NOTE! All our horses are in full training. This means that they progress in their training and skills every week – so fast even that we just can not keep up with them by making new videos that would tell their current level of training. If you are interested in a horse, please, be in touch! If you can not come and see it for yourself at first, let us know of your interest and we will find the time to make a new video of the horse you are interested in.


Saeco Royal

A Hanoverian gelding born in 2012, Spörcken – Fürst Heinrich – A Jungle Prince, size approx. 167 cm (June 2014)

Saeco is a promising gelding by the spectacular Spörcken. He shows a very good walk and very rhythmical and ground covering trot and canter. A future dressage prospect. Shown on L-level, mastering already more.




Price class: V

Butterfly Effect

A Bavarian Warmblood gelding born in 2009, Ballettmeister – Rio Negro – Lotse, size approx. 170 cm

“Parsa” is a promising gelding from Bavarian breeding. He has a ground covering walk, very rhythmical and swinging trot and a huge canter. He has been trained only lightly for his age and we are bringing him up the scales. He is now competing on S-level, but masters already for instance the flying changes up to 15 one-tempis.


Price class: V

Photo copyright: Cat Loose, Annamiina Pulliainen, Ronja Kivirinta, Päivi Kankare,, Aino Vakkilainen