Movin to Stall Anna – new possibilities ahead!

We are moving to Stall Anna (close to Järvenpää, Finland) on June 1st. I am super excited with this as then I am able to take some horses for riding. Also sales horses are welcome. Please, send me an email or call for an offer!

Saeco Royal going leaps forward in training

Saeco Royal has taken some huge steps forward in training and I am super pleased with his development. The very skilled Minttu Koponen ( came to do a photoshoot with us and we got some really nice pictures of his current shape, such as this one:



Korona-päivitystä 16.3.2020 / Toiminimi Annamiina Pulliainen:

Toistaiseksi niin kauan kuin toisenlaisia viranomaisohjeita ei tule, valmennukset pidetään tallien omien toimintaohjeiden puitteissa, seuraavin muutoksin:

– korvanappeja ei käytetä ollenkaan
– kaikki asiakkaani siirtyvät laskutuksen piiriin (toimittavat minulle laskutustiedot ja sähköpostiosoitteen)
– ratsutuksia / muita hevosen käsittelytilanteita vain poikkeustapauksissa ja erikseen sopien

Näin vältetään aika tehokkaasti kaikki lähikontaktit.

Kaikille asiakkailleni on myös tarjolla jo rovaniemeläisten kanssa käytännössä testattu etävalmennusmahdollisuus. Se vaatii seuraavan järjestelyn:

– jonkun kuvaamaan ratsukkoa Skype-videopuhelun ajan
– handsfree-nappia käyttäen toisen puhelimen kautta puhelinyhteyden minuun

Hinnat: 15 min 15 € ja 30 min 30 € (sis. alv 24%). Ratsukko verryttelee itsenäisesti ennen ja jälkeen session. Pidemmät sessiot myös mahdollisia.

Myös tarjolla videoanalyysipalvelu, jossa asiakas toimittaa haluamansa videomateriaalin ratsastuksestaan ja saa siitä analyysin sähköpostitse kehitysehdotuksineen, korjauksineen ja kotitehtävineen. Hinnoittelu videon keston mukaan. (1,50 €/min, sis. alv 24 %)

Omalta osaltani haluan toivottaa kaikille hyviä harjoituksia ja henkistä vahvuutta selviytyä tämän hetken ja tulevaisuuden tuomista haasteista!
Minttu Pulliainen


To my international customers:

In the current corona virus situation I am not traveling abroad within the next months. This means that no training in Germany is going to take place until the situation has calmed down and our officials have given new instructions.

Meanwhile I can still offer some online services:

– online video training through Skype and phonecall. This requires somebody to video the horse and rider with a Skype videocall and the rider to have another phone in the pocket (with a handsfree earpiece) for a phonecall / whatsapp call or such. Prices: 15 min 15 €, 30 min 30 € (inc. VAT). Longer sessions also possible.

As the data network in Germany is somewhat unreliable, maybe a better option is the video analysis service:

– make a video of your preferred length of the issues / movements you want to show, upload it and send the link to me.
– you will get an analysis through email with corrections and homework suggestions.
– pricing according to the length of the video: 1,50 €/min. (inc. VAT)

In both cases you pay the service by bill that you will receive through email.

If you are interested in these services, please contact through email: or whatsapp +358442429014

All the best to my riders and their families and friends! We will get through this.
Minttu aka Annamiina


Time passes so quickly by…

So an era came to an end as in the end of June 2019 I quit running my stable business in Vantaa. Thank you for the two years to all my customers and stable mates! Currently I work around Helsinki area as a freelance trainer as well as in Oulu, Rovaniemi and Munich, Germany on a monthly basis.

My horses are doing great. Butterfly Effect has done the climb to advanced medium (S) level and Saeco Royal has started to compete on L-level. If you want to stay informed about the progress of my horses, please follow us on Instagram. I update my account on a weekly basis:

Minttu Pulliainen on Instagram



I don’t know exactly how I pulled it off, but I managed to graduate on time after all: I’m now a level 3 riding instructor, in English “Master instructor”, in German “Pferdewirtschaftsmeister”, in Finnish “masteropettaja”. Huge congrats and thanks to all my fellow students – it was an amazing 1,5 yr project from start to finish. Although doing everything necessary for the studies as an extra to the normal amount of work I do nearly drained me, I’m happy I did this. Now my qualification allows me to both teach in equine colleges and for instance train “Azubis” in Germany. Happy and relieved!

Parsa is a star!

So happy with my number one:

Parsa is doing great!

Here is a short clip of him:
It’s not all he is doing. So stay tuned, more is coming. Or follow me on Instagram: minttupulliainen

Super weekend for the Katis!

Two of my long time pupils, both named Kati, competed last weekend – one in dressage, the other one in eventing. Both winning their classes on Sunday. Fantastic job, both! Huge congratulations! Well deserved.














More shows

So we did some M-level tests with Parsa in Helsinki at the Laakso riding stadium. On Saturday the surroundings were a little bit too much for him, but on Sunday we got a new PB – 65+%! In a tough competition it wasn’t enough to get placed, but we are still happy with the result.
Pupils have also done well: Kati has been scoring around 70 % with her young horse with placings and wins, Mervi and Tuurikas did their second test together, this time on A/Novice-level with a score of 67+%. Johanna won the regional eventing Championships with her 20-yr-old horse, who is doing fantasticly. Meiju scored 63% on L-level in Oulu and got placed, this is a huge difference to last season – we are super happy with their progress. Meiju and Siru rode both to ribbons on A-level some weeks before in Tornio. Well done!

Shows, riding the tests, training in Germany, Tuurikas in a new home…

Plenty of things happening again. The show season has started. Parsa has done mostly solid 60+% results on M-level as I have tried to get the needed results for the master-level degree. The first 63+% result we got in the first show (FEI Preliminary test for Junior riders), but the other program (FEI Junior Team Test) just doesn’t suit him at all. For him the movements are in a completely wrong order. 😉 So now that I did another type of test with him in Ypäjä and scored 64,875% with a placing and a super nice feel, I’ve decided that he can do the tests that suit him instead of chasing the results for my degree. After all, we are educating our horses for the future… In this test I decided he can have it easier – not to collect too much or press him. Video of the test in Ypäjä here:














What I did is that I borrowed a show jumper from a nice family, rode the horse once and jumped my final jumping test for the master degree. Well done, for a dressage rider, or? 😉 I only wish my old back injury wouldn’t be so fragile, you guys would see me do some competitive jumping as well… I have to say I enjoy it very much! You can see my course from this link:















What else? Tuurikas found a perfect new home and has already done his first test with the new owner: 68,5% and a win on E-level!!! Well done!

My pupils have also done well in shows: up to class wins on A- and L-level with results up to 70%! Fantastic!! Well done and congrats for the wins Kati and Johanna!

The co-operation project of Heidi and me, Wilma who was with me for 6 months, started in the Young riders classes in Finnderby well with her new horse, her results being in the 63-65% region. Well done Wilma! We are proud of you and your success!

And then I was in Germany to train people and to watch some dressage in May. That was great. Was happy to see the progress people had done with their horses. We continue in June! Happy to go there again.


A Clinic with Richard White
I’m over the moon: I got the chance to ride on Richard White’s clinic in Ypäjä on 23-24.4. And it felt like coming home. The last time I did lessons with him was 13 years ago, when I was doing my apprenticeship at their yard in the UK. Richard has a way of putting his words which really resonates with my understanding as well as an immaculate eye for balance. Again I understood and remembered a lot during the two days. I got a huge improvement and now know what I should be working on with Parsa (and myself!!). So happy to have had this possibility. Happy happy happy!
Some videoclips from the two days:

A Fantastic weekend in Germany
I was really happy to visit Munich on the first weekend of March. I got to train my old (and some new) pupils for two long days. We got a lot done and I was really impressed with the progress some riders made during the weekend. What also gives me great pleasure is the fact that the years of training we did together with some riders hasn’t been in vain: the most experienced riders have a solid system and are able to produce new horses and help each other and the less experienced ones on the way up the scales. I feel like I have succeeded.
I also got to teach all my previous Finnhorses and was glad to see them doing well and happy with their new owners.
Here are some lovely photos Cat Loose and Isabell Reincke took over the weekend. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! We continue with the training in May! Can’t wait to get back.















So happy!
So we have settled in to our new lives in Vantaa. A very busy autumn nearly drained me, but the spring looks absolutely awesome. We have a very enthusiastic group of riding teachers on our master-level course in Ypäjä Equine College. We all were able to pass the first exams in December and now we are getting to the interesting part of doing the exams in riding and teaching.


Parsa is the handsome chestnut third from left

My trainer Heidi Svanborg-Lodman has been coming to us the whole autumn on a regular basis and will continue to train us throughout the spring. It’s a functional concept we are having. For instance one of Heidi’s pupils has her horses at our stables over the winter. I help her during the weeks or ride her horses and Heidi trains us on the weekends. PSG-level should be no problem for this rider during the season. We have an energetic young team of riders who also have made friends outside the stables, which makes me happy – riding shouldn’t be everything (even though it is! ;).

My horses are going well. Parsa will start the season on M-level and hopefully will be ready for PSG within the season. He already trains more difficult movements, but still lacks some strength. One has to remember he has only been under the saddle for 2 yrs even though he now turned 9…
Tuurikas is doing really well. He jumps better and better every week and Heidi says he should be ready for the Finnhorse Championships in dressage when the time comes. At the moment I’m tight on time so I’m trying to find a solution where there would be a second rider for him. Or then I have to sell him, which breaks my heart… Life is hard.

I’m also very happy to be going back to Munich, Germany to train my old pupils in the beginning of March. When I left Germany a year ago, I promised to continue training my people once in every 2-3 months. I’m ashamed to say 8 months have passed since my last trip to Germany – the show season and the studying took all of my time. But I’m positive I’m going to be able to keep my promise in the future, at least a little better…

The trainings in Oulu and Rovaniemi have been going on on a smooth rotation and routine. People and horses are making progress of which I’m especially delighted!

It’s also a year since we lost Ravenna on our way to Finland. I still miss her a lot. Even though her active career was over, she still was able to do spectacular piaffe and nice pirouettes and a good passage and… was able to keep me tuned in to the more advanced dressage. Well the younger horses are well on their way so I hope I’m able to train on that level sooner than I realise. But it is always a heavy climb with every single horse – no walk in the park.



Ravenna had a technically solid piaffe ❤

As life doesn’t always go as planned, and the plans of some people have changed, we still have some available boxes at the stables. If you are interested in coming for a long- or short-term training, give me a call or write me an e-mail. I’m also happy to show how we work, so please visit us at any time!

Tel. +358 44 242 9014 / tmipulliainen(at)

For Finnish speaking riders:

Plenty of things happening!

So we moved. And are now settled in to our new home. All went well and the horses are doing fine. I started my studies at the Ypäjä Equine College. When all goes as planned I will finish my master -level in a year (Pferdewirtschaftsmeister).
I also started a new and exciting co-operation with the e-training concept called Trainer4riding. Products and tools available support a balanced training programme which is set to bring lasting results. This is very interesting to my international clients as e-training through videos is one of the possibilities.

For more information, visit: (English version) or (Finnish version).

Rami has a new home!

My plan was actually never to sell him, but unfortunately he didn’t grow big enough to be my ridden companion. So now I am happy to announce that Rami aka Routasydän has found a perfect new home. Päivi, the new owner from Seinäjoki, is a stallion owner and Finnhorse enthusiast, who also is a perfect sized rider for Rami. On the sunny autumn Monday of 28th after a successful vet check the pair started driving to their home. As Päivi competes her horses regularly I hope we will be seeing Rami on the show scene in the future as well. All the best to you, Päivi and Rami!


Success for pupils in the Dressage Championships of Northern Finland

While I was training people in Joensuu, my pupils in North were doing a good job in the Dressage Championships of Northern Finland. Heidi won bronze with Villarin Roope in the class for Finnhorses, Kati won silver with her Riviera Maisan in the young horse class and Meiju took a placing in the A-level test that was open for all. So happy for you guys, well done!

A busy weekend competing in Oulu

On Saturday I did four tests with our horses. Tuurikas and Rami were entered in to the A-level class for the Finnhorses. Tuurikas was a little bit tired and somehow drowsy, but managed to stay fault free – 64,896%. Rami on the other hand was at first way too active. When I managed to get his spirits down a little, in the actual test he got his bowel problem again – a silly mistake took us away from the price money, result was 65,625%. I’m happy that he gets this good points even when he is not performing, but of course can not help the disappointment as I know he could do so much more. I’ll have to get to the bottom of this problem and sort it out.















Ricarda and Parsa did the L-level test. Parsa was a little bit scared of the surroundings. He was a good boy and instead of spooking he went to his happy place, where he is slow to react to the aids and low in the frame but a happy boy. Result 63,516%.
Ricarda was quite good – she got 65,859% and was placed first!















On Sunday I only did the L-level test with Parsa and Ricarda. Parsa was a little bit better in the warm-up, but on the arena he needed to poop. So again slow to respond and low in the frame resulting 63,214 %. With Ricarda I tried to bring her more up in the frame – partly better but with an uneasy mouth. Resulting 62,143%

Pupils did well again – Sanna got placed second with her horse scoring 67,5% and Meiju managed to better her score by 10% within a week – well done gals! And I believe Heidi did a standard round with Roope.

A busy weekend again. We will do a show in Joensuu next weekend with Ricarda and then she returns home. Then we might do the regional championships in three weeks with my horses and then we are done for this year as I have a very busy autumn ahead of me.

And we compete again on home soil…

We had a good but exhausting weekend competing at home in Haukipudas. On Friday the Finnhorses did their tests on A-level (helppo B). Rami did a “standard round” without any high lights and managed to get placed with his score of 65%. Tuurikas did almost as well, but wanted to stop for a poop in the arena (not recommended) and got some points less, 62,841%. Parsa did his first M-level (va B) test with 61,552% – not yet so self-carried and not yet quick enough on the aids, but managed. Super happy with him. Ricarda was fairly sluggish – her saddle issues still apparently haunt her, even though we found a fitting saddle a week ago. She scored only 62,8 % on L-level (he A) and unfortunately the feeling was not good.
Pupils Heidi & Roope did well by getting placed on A- and L -level. Well done!

On Saturday we had a pretty good day. Parsa (2. with 64,348%) and Ricarda (4. 63,696%) both got placed in the L -level class, Parsa being again better to ride and Ricarda closer to her normal mode (not quite, but a lot better). Super happy with them!
Rami had again issues with his digestion and lacked air (in his movement, not in his bowel!) and self-carriage, a standard like test again brought a score of 64 %.
Sanna got placed with her horse in the young horse class and Jenni did her first M-level test ever! Well done pupils!















On Sunday Rami did a test that was even flatter than on Saturday. As on Saturday I tried to keep him active by letting him get a little quick in the rhythm and the judges commented on that, on Sunday I tried to slow the rhythm down – that didn’t work out, he was even flatter. Next time again with more drive, will be better. A deserved score of only 63,864% doesn’t do him any justice as a horse though. I need to get this digestion problem sorted out.. But I have to say that I’m still very happy as pupils performed well in the same class, Sanna and Kati both got placed with their very nice horses and rides! Well done!















Parsa and Ricarda did the L-level test. Ricarda was again better in the warm-up, but I couldn’t quite bring that swing in to the arena with us. But still a lot better than on Friday. Happy with her. She scored 62,5 %.
Parsa was really good, I think. He got a well deserved 66,9% from the experienced judge Osmo Metsälä, who also works as a trainer judge for the new judges, with the comment “Moves in a decent frame.” I like that – exactly what I tried to show. I’m glad that he saw it and placed us second in his score sheets. Super happy about it. Unfortunately the judging wasn’t quite in unison this weekend, so we dropped just outside of the placings.

If you want to take a look, you can see our round with Parsa in two pieces in this link:


An exhausting weekend it was, but we’ll do it again in a week. Now some serious recovering is needed. 😀

We train and compete and train and…

It has been a busy summer. We did a show in Tornio on the first weekend of July. Tuurikas was entered to do his first national classes – he was great, did what he could. I’m so happy with him, I gave him a 10+, judges gave him 61-65%.  Here a video of Tuurikas.

Kilpailut 418

Photo by Rosita Malinen

“Parsa” was in his first real show. If I’m correct, he has only done one group riding class in Germany (we have no knowledge on how it went for him). He was very cool, to my surprise very sensible already on his first try. On Saturday I didn’t ask a lot of him, just let him cruise through the program. He got a 63+% result. On Sunday I tried to ask a little bit more and then we got some mistakes and a 62+% score. Not bad, very proud of him for starting his career immediately on L-level.

After the show we trained with Heidi. Very happy with Parsa again. A set of videos of him here.

Kilpailut 9.7 1225

Photo by Rosita Malinen

Ricarda was with us as well. I let her have an easy day on Saturday. Just try and get comfortable on the arena. As it wasn’t enough in the judges eyes to reach a qualification for the national classes, I decided to make sure we get the needed result on Sunday. We got it and were placed fifth in the competition. Well done Ricarda!

Kilpailut 9.7 2110

Photo by Rosita Malinen




















This is BIG! Plan A is finally happening – Helsinki, I’m coming back!


When moving back to Finland, my aim was to relocate myself to the Helsinki region. The area where I left from some 5 yrs ago and where I worked the years 2006-2010. The Plan didn’t immediately work out as I hoped, but now I am happy to tell you, I will be moving to Vantaa in the beginning of September 2017.

I have rented a 10 box unit from the Stable 41, which is located very close to the Helsinki airport. It is a lovely stables with 20*60 indoor and outdoor arenas and a round pen. The scenery is very peaceful – you can’t even imagine how close to the main roads you are. It’s fabulous! Only some 30 minutes from the Helsinki city center.

I’m very excited as it makes a long lasting dream come true. I have been planning to run a stables for training in Finland for a very long time as I think that the concept is definitely the most effective way of learning how to ride. That the training is done in a controlled environment, often enough. That is how you get long lasting results!

As everything is still much in the making, I already do apologize that I’ll be updating the information bit by bit. So please, stay tuned!

Check out the stables:

PS. I’m also starting my studies for the master level riding instructor’s degree (Pferdewirtschaftsmeister) in September. That will be also very exciting!

Vilhelmi has a new home

Vilhelmi has been sold to a new home. He will be the first own horse of Laura, a local teenager. We wish them both plenty of happy years together!


Training actively

So happy to be in Finland as I have been able to get back to training with my long-time trainer Heidi. She has been to the Olympics as a part of the Finnish dressage team and won several Finnhorse Dressage Championships – she knows all the tricks and how to win shows. And we like to win if possible as well as train our horses in the best possible manner. I’m really looking forward to the future, plenty of puzzle pieces finding their places.













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& “Annamiina Pulliainen Dressage” for our international clients

First show done!

We did our first show in Finland in March. “Rami” won his first test ever, this time on A-level with a score of 66,5 %. Tuurikas gained some good experience and Ricarda was second on L-level with a score of 67 %. Well done horses!




















Sibelius has a new home

We congratulate Isabell for her new ride! Sibelius moved to his best friend Isabell on Boxing Day. The best Christmas present a horse girl can think of! Long and happy years together, Isabell and Sibelius!

Wichtige Infos für unsere Kunden in Deutschland!

Liebe Kunden von Annamiina Pulliainen Dressage,

Ich bin zugleich traurig und aufgeregt, da ich Ihnen mitteilen muss, dass Annamiina Pulliainen Dressage Ende Februar 2017 nach Finnland umziehen wird.

Das bedeutet, dass alle ABO-Verträge Anfang Januar storniert werden und der letzte ABO-Monat der Januar ist. Da der Umzug wahrscheinlich erst in der letzten Februarwoche geschieht, ist das reiten im Februar noch möglich und auch gewünscht, aber ausschließlich mit sofortiger Barzahlung. Die Preisliste bleibt unverändert. Wir würden uns sehr freuen, wenn Sie alle bis zum Umzug bei uns bleiben und werden auch gerne weiterhin diverse Reitkurse in dieser Zeit anbieten, wenn es hierzu Nachfragen gibt.

Was passiert mit unseren tierischen Freunden? Sibelius hat bereits ein neues Zuhause gefunden und wird uns Ende Dezember verlassen. Auch Manu möchte hier ein schönes Zuhause finden. Wenn jemand ihm ein gutes Zuhause geben kann, ist der Preis verhandelbar. Alle anderen Pferde stehen auch zum Verkauf, aber sollte sich hier kein guter Platz finden, werden sie mit mir umziehen.

Die Pläne von Annamiina Pulliainen Dressage sind noch teilweise offen. Wir hoffen, in Zukunft nicht nur Training, sondern auch Reitferien anbieten zu können. Wir halten Sie auf dem Laufenden und würden uns freuen, Sie in unserem neuen Heim in Finnland begrüßen zu dürfen!

Schon jetzt möchten wir euch allen für die schöne gemeinsame Zeit hier in Deutschland danken. Wir sollten die verbleibene gemeinsame Zeit nutzen, den Reitunterricht bis zum Ende ordentlich fort zu führen. Unter diesen Umständen werden wir keine Weihnachtsfeier machen, stattdessen wird kurz vor dem Umzug ein schönes, frühes Frühlingsfest stattfinden.

Zu Weihnachten, am 24. und 25. Dezember zwischen 10-12 Uhr, gibt es noch die Möglichkeit für ein entspanntes, selbstständiges reiten. Kosten 15 € / Reiter. Eine Liste hierfür finden Sie im Stall.

Wir wünschen allen unseren Kunden und ihren Familien schöne Ferien!
Und ein gutes Reitjahr 2017.



Check the page “Kurse” (in German) for the current courses!

“Juhannus” (=Midsummer) celebrated!

We take the Finnish Tradition seriously. One can not celebrate “Juhannus” alone and hungry. So there were plenty of us present and no-one left the party without a colic like state of full belly. Thanks to all 20+! The Summer-Ending Party has already been planned for August / September.


















Big plans for the future!

Time just keeps on flying by when you’re busy, but we have some nice things planned for autumn: riding courses, ground work courses and at some point my book as a digital version in English… Keep checking this space or our Facebook page for the updates! We promise to keep you posted!

PR for the breed!

The very popular German horse magazine “Cavallo” visited us in May for a breed portrait of the Finnhorses. The article can be found in the July 2016 issue. We had loads of fun doing the photos. I hope that shows in the pictures! Go and buy your own copy from a store or from the website:


The new indoor is finished!

The long wait is over – the new indoor riding arena is finished. This means that we are able to offer more lessons and also now group lessons during the evenings and on weekends. This is not going to be the only thing we will do. The possibilities for courses of all sorts, events, fun competitions… are endless! Stay tuned for the updates!


A Very Happy New Year!

It has been a busy year and the speed won’t definitely slow down towards the spring 2016. We would like to thank all the riders who have made the year 2015 unforgettable. And we wish all the best for the new year!

By the way: You can follow us now also on Facebook. “Annamiina Pulliainen Dressage” has its own page there and we will be posting some interesting stuff more often – such as photos and links to interesting articles and so on. Take a look!

Training & showing in Finland

On the second weekend of August I was again training my riders in Finland. Some were working more hard with their horses, some got their finishing touches for the show on the weekend (Äimärautio, Oulu). Not in vain as Milla rode to ribbons on L-level and both Saras on A-level. Kati and Aino also started on L-level and were not far away from being placed in their classes. Well done you guys!

Learning new!

A couple of weeks ago I took part in an interesting training. Eurodressage wrote about it nicely, so here is a link to the article:

I already put the new knowledge into practice and have to say I have found the acupressure treatments very helpful with my own horses as a supportive act to the training. I will definitely keep on educating myself in this field when the opportunity arises.

New logo!

Annamiina Pulliainen Dressage got its logo recently. (At last I was forced to act.. By the way: this is what I have also done over the years with my Finnish firm. If you are in a need of your own logo, visiting cards etc. please send me an e-mail and ask for an offer!)

Textiles and other products with the logo are on their way!

Annamiina Pulliainen Dressage