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Any good learning process requires a pair of eyes on the ground.  Regardless of the goal, whether it is to ride on a good basic level or to do shows, I feel the willingness to learn is the most important thing and to these kind of projects I am interested in committing to. I teach mainly dressage but also show jumping and both disciplines for the betterment of the other sport. Always individually and with a thought to meet the needs of the horse and the rider.

As a trainer I focus on the whole and the over all learning process. It is very important that the rider knows what and how to train by her/himself. A succesful rider has a functional and effective tool box, which she/he is able to use to the benefit of the horse and its physical progress. It is also worth knowing how the horses should be cared for and fed. I am glad to give guidance and also help to plan show seasons and training schedules.

Riding is only comfortable for the rider and the horse if the rider sits in balance with a correct, efficient and elastic seat without unintentionally disturbing the horse. I have also given courses on rider’s seat and am all the time learning new things about the human body from physiotherapy and literature as well as horse’s biomechanics. The more I know about the physiology of the horse and the rider, the better I am as a trainer and rider and the better choices I make.

I have ridden all types of horses from heavyweights to thoroughbreds. Both specialized horses and those who are learning a new sport as well as horses who are recovering after an accident or need re-schooling. Sometimes these learning processes encounter problems. I have had the chance to work on several types of problems during the years. This has taught me that the most important thing in any animal training is clear logic and consistency. Also learning requires a certain amount of repetition. These are the only keys to success, no matter how high the rider is aiming.

An example of canterwork – VIDEO
Butterfly Effect doing onetempis – VIDEO
Saeco Royal working on transitions – VIDEO

If you are interested in my services, please call or send a message. I am happy to tell and show you how I work.

I prefer teaching private lessons, where the learning is most effective. But also groups of two or three riders.

In Finland: Join the Facebook group “Toiminimi Annamiina Pulliainen” to get the latest information on training and schedules. From 1.9.2017 on I will be offering all sorts of services in Helsinki region + regular trainings in Oulu and Rovaniemi, as before. Elsewhere as well, when there is enough of interest.

In Germany: Join the Facebook group “Annamiina Pulliainen Dressage” for the latest updates and news. Training is available in Munich region, elsewhere when there are enough of interested people.

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